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Experience the G2G double-ended difference

We offer a complete range of innovative horticultural lighting products including the high output G2G V1, our flagship compact luminaire designed for commercial agricultural operations, as well as the highly versatile G2G Bloom. Our luminaires are designed to deliver light throughout the PAR range exactly where it's needed for tremendous plant growth. Add the G2G Master Controller to gain control of your lights and safeguard your plants. 

Growing Medium Products
Get the most out of your growing medium

Rockwool has been relied upon by experienced growers as a hydroponic growing medium for more than 40 years. Constructed with basalt mineral fibres, Rockwool is unrivalled by other substrates due to its unique combination of air pore space, solution retention capacity, and inert properties. All G2G Rockwool products are non-toxic, with uniform density and firmness, and great capillarity.

Flexible, affordable self-watering hydroponic systems

Hydroponics refers to the use of a soil-free growing medium in a system designed to deliver a nutrient-rich water solution at designated times. Hydroponic methods of growth have been proven to give plants the best opportunity to reach their full genetic potential. By employing hydroponic techniques, growers can gain precise control over the amount of nutrients their plants receive while simultaneously automating some of the more laborious tasks associated with growing.