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Good 2 Grow Agricultural Solutions provides the products required to promptly and efficiently set up your agricultural operation, whether you're a hobbyist or a commercial grower.

Lighting solutions

Complete luminaires, bulbs, and master controllers for turnkey lighting solutions

Grow Medium Solutions

grow medium solutions

Rockwool Propagation Plugs and Rockwool Cubes

Hydroponic Solutions

Hydroponic Solutions

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Why good 2 grow?

Good 2 Grow Agricultural Solutions is a one-stop supplier of horticultural lighting fixtures, growing medium and hydroponic equipment. We pride ourselves on being flexible, reliable and affordable - making us the perfect fit for both large and small-scale buyers. Good 2 Grow products employ the pinnacle of agricultural lighting technology and innovation at a price point unrivalled by the competition. We consistently look for ways to integrate innovations from the market with our own cutting-edge technology to meet the dynamic needs of growers nationwide. Our ability to supply the products necessary to set up an agricultural operation from a single source set us apart from existing agricultural equipment suppliers. 
Turnkey Solutions

Good 2 Grow - it's all in the name. At last, you're able to purchase a variety of agricultural products from a single supplier. Simply contact one of our expert sales representatives to see how easy working with us can be.

  • Lighting Products

  • Growing Medium Products

  • Hydroponic Products

Uncompromised Quality
G2G Bloom Luminaire

At Good 2 Grow unmatched affordability isn't enough. All of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they will thrive in any operation. Now serving retailers and end-users nationwide, Good 2 Grow continuously monitors the quality of each order, guaranteeing all of our products meet the Good 2 Grow standard.

Continuous Support

All product documentation is available online should you have any questions about the specifications, installation or operation of your Good 2 Grow products.


For all questions that can't be answered using the product documentation, please fill out the contact form or email us at