G2g Lighting Products

G2G V1 - 1000W Luminaire

the commercial powerhouse

The G2G V1 is the ideal grow light system for commercial agricultural operations. The integration of the ballast with the reflector has been designed to create a high-output fixture with a small dimensional footprint, perfect for indoor operations as well as greenhouse operations. The G2G V1 utilizes an ultra-high frequency ballast designed specifically for use with the G2G V1 - 1000W DE Lamp resulting in a stable output, and long light maintenance.


Key Features

High efficiency digital ballast
Dimmable ballast with 6-way output control
Constructed with heat fins for maximum heat dissipation
RF shielding in compliance with FCC parts 15 & 18
​​95% reflective European hammertone aluminium
Automatic frequency adjustment
Soft start technology helps promote lamp longevity (10000 hrs)
Remote configuration capabilities

Technical specifications


1000W Ballast Electical Parameters


3 Year Limited Warranty*

*For HPS lamp included, the warranty period is one (1) year from the original date of purchase
For more information on warranty, replacements and returns follow the ordering information link.


Input Voltage Options

120-240V | 208-240V | 277V | 347V | 480V

Luminaire Configuration Options

Horizontal Ballast | Vertical Ballast